Some important information about Orange Tree

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Orange is my Favorite Fruit. So today I’m going to shear some Important Information about Orange with you.

  •  Growing an Orange tree:-

There are two (2) way for Growing an Orange Tree.

  •  Use seeds

Some varieties of Orange tree come true from Seeds.

If we use seeds for groans tree the seeds grown trees often a very short lifespan. In these time they are susceptible to foot and rot of root.

If tree are grown survive from seeds The plants does not produce fruits until maturity and take a long time periods up to 15 years.


  •  Use Budding

Most commercial Growers use tree that’s grafted through a process, these Process are called “Budding

If we use (Budding) Grafted trees that’s we purchases from local area’s Nurseries there we wants to grown trees.

In this way we produced our fruits scion and develop more quickly as using seeds way.


  •  Taking care of an Orange Tree :-

The care of Orange trees is not so difficult and complicated.

Just following a few basic steps for taking care of an

Orange trees.

It will keep your orange tree healthy and improved or increases fruits production.

There are three (3) easy steps for care orange trees.

  •  watering:-

Orange tree also needs proper watering as other fruits plants like Apple, Mango, guava etc.

In Irrigations area they need weekly 1” to 1.5” water levels.

  •  Fertilizer:-

The fertilizer that is use for growing orange tree depends on the condition of the fruits.

The Nitrogen fertilizer results more oil in the peel.

Similarly Potassium fertilizer is use for decreases oil in the peel.

Urea fertilizer is use the grouting of trees.

 1 or 2 Lbs of Nitrogen fertilizer should be applied yearly on each tree for high productivity of edible oranges.

Some time Additional fertilization is often applied by Spraying on leaves of the trees once or twice in a year.


  •  Pruning:-

There is no need of pruning of Orange tree for shaping.

However we remove some branches of tree that’s are a foot or touching the grounds.

We also remove dying or damaged branches once they are noticed.


(Pakistan Exports 200,000 tones Orange in a Season)

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