Some important rules and aims for passing life in society

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Our life have some aims or importance that are necessary for passing life. Without this our life is useless. There are four important things that are usually exerts the greatest influence up on man.

First of all every person i want to get a better and happy place passing life and live with your family in a house where's he have no problem for passing life. After that he want to get a better income of earning which is sufficient to make a family and intelligent and obedient children that are make their family complete and special.

Buy most important thing is that every person want to have affectionate , loving and honest wife that take care of his children and their homes and also his husband. These all things are combined together and make a beautiful life.

But in our society these things is very difficult to get. These are things need to efficient and very hard work . That is why some people choose the wrong path and get these things by short way.

He choose the way of crimes and get the illegal money for passing life and pass his life on the evil way . As a result he destroys all the life and do not get his ambitions. If you want to get this all things, we should follow the rules of Islam that teach us about the hard work and efficient. Due to this way we get the better value in the society.

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