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In our endless search to bring you the most interesting aspects of the pub culture and its people, I came across two magazines that I thought should be brought to everyone’s attention. First, my eye was caught recently by a bright, beautiful publication called Imbibe (, which calls itself a “guide to liquid culture”. Imbibe is devoted to all things drinkable, which includes tea and coffee. The magazine is incredibly well designed and engaging, with just the right combination of features and information. A recent issue included a number of interesting recipes as well as a profile of one of New York’s last remaining seltzer deliverymen and a drinking guide to Peru. Sprinkle in some tips on spots and liquors to check out, and it’s clear Imbibe is helpful and fun for anyone who enjoys quality libations. In case that hasn’t quite piqued your interest, the recipe for beer-can chicken and the Beer and BBQ piece should send you to your nearest newsstand. Seriously, why wait any longer without knowing the secrets to making your own blueberry-lavender lemonade or Sake-Sicles (that’s right, sake-sicles…). The next magazine is more specialized, but certainly no less entertaining or informative. Draft Magazine ( devotes itself to all things…beer. Again, this magazine is darn good lookin’. From reviews of beers to a quick trek through different U.S, regions highlighting some beer lover destinations and an interview with NASCAR legend Rusty Wallace, Draft aims to pull much of the ever increasing information on the brewing world into one spot. It’s a testament to how popular craft brewing has become that Draft has a wealth of material from which to choose and should have no shortage of subjects moving forward. But Draft looks at the entire brewing community, and the issue I read most recently had a thoughtful piece on the history and success of the “big three”: Anheuser-Busch, Miller, and Coors. And how pleased was I to find on their website that they refer to bars as “third places”. Great minds.

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