Some responsibilities of a good citizen

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Good citizen is the combination of lots of good qualities and it has some duties and responsibilities. We all are living in a free state and it is our responsibility to take care of the our country in a good manner. Peoples are always work for the betterment of the country.

The responsibility of a good citizen that they are always ready to sacrifice his everything even his life for the sake and defense of his mother land and he work for the welfare of our nation. To obey law and orders are also the responsibility of a good citizen because if they are done anything against the law and order then the system of the whole country will disturbed.

In those countries, the people's do not obey the law and orders where the crime rate will be increased day by day and in that countries the life of the citizens suffer and they face so many hardships. The biggest duty of the every citizen to make a peaceful society and always organized that festivals which increase the peace in life and peoples are interlinked with each other.

Due to this connection between the people's will increase the love and affection between then. The other responsibility of the good citizen is that to respect the culture and always work to explore the cultural heritage not only in the country but are also in the whole world. Stage shows, dramas, festival, national days, religious occasions have a great importance in every country.

So always celebrate these events with peace and lots of love. It is also the duty of a good citizen that day love the institution of his country and must be viligant against the enemy of the country. Those people who are criminal and law breakers will not be the good citizens of the country.

A good citizen always work for the unity of the country and they have a spirit of cooperation, friendliness, humanity, dedication, devotion for his fellow citizens and also for his country. Even all the good and great qualities and habits will must be present in a good citizen. So a good citizen are a great pillars of the country.

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