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Today I'm here among you all and would like to discuss some mostly used social media apps for android which are very helpful and useful for you. I'll discuss them here but before I go ahead, first of all, I would like to make an introduction to social media here.

What is social media?


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Social media belongs to the group of the internet in which we are connected with our friends family and colleagues. We can text, chat and comment on them through social media sites and apps. Social media has become the largest platform today where we can discuss social, religious and political matters for people. We can make new friends and we can pass our time in a good manner.

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Learn more about social media apps;


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Today we can read every little news on social media and we can pass our comments too. Today we can also share pictures of any incident and we can also see different photos and videos.
Social media has changed our life and nothing is hidden today. We can find anything and anywhere through it. Almost every person is connected with social media and watching causes.

Mobile social media refer to the use of social media on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Mobile social media are a useful application of mobile marketing because the creation, exchange, and circulation of user-generated content can assist companies with marketing research, communication, and relationship development.[25] Mobile social media differ from others because they incorporate the current location of the user (location-sensitivity) or the time delay between sending and receiving messages (time-sensitivity). According to Andreas Kaplan.


There are different platforms which are providing social media services such as chatting and video and audio sharing.

The most common social media are following;

Google +
Facebook Messenger
IMO Messenger

These are mostly used social media platforms and there are also android applications for these platforms which can be used for easy access.

Now I would like to discuss in brief about these applications.



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Facebook application for Android smartphones has been launched with wonderful features and benefits. This application helps to stay connected with friends and family where you are. Through this application, you can connect with your friends and followers more easily and safely. You can stay in touch anywhere.

Here is the link to get the Facebook app for free;




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The Twitter application can be used for sending tweets to your followers. You can share information on Twitter with your loved ones and have fun. Twitter is mostly used by famous celebrities and political people so you can easily stay in touch with them. You can also personally contact them on Twitter. You can share pictures and videos too.

Here is the link to get twitter app for Android;

Whatsapp Messenger:


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Whatsapp is now the largest used the app for messaging on android platform. This app uses your mobile phone data network or wifi to connect with other WhatsApp users. You can call audio or video to your loved ones and can send messages and other media to them. There are wonderful features in this application which make it amazing. You can create or join groups for conversations.

Here is the link to get the app for free;




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Instagram is also a commonly used social app for sharing your brilliant moments with friends and family. You can share your amazing pictures with your friends and you can also connect with Facebook for easily connecting with all of your Facebook friends. This application also uses internet connectivity.

You can have this app for free, just follow the link below;



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Pinterest is an amazing platform where you can find wonderful ideas on different topics. You can also share your ideas on Pinterest and you can post to your friends. Pinterest has many options for saving your ideas and sharing with friends. You can have this app while you are traveling to somewhere.

Get the Pinterest app for free here;


Bitlanders is also another online social media site which also pays for posting ideas in the form of blogging. This social media site is used for posting ideas in the form of videos and blogs. You can share your written blogs and videos to other social platforms such as twitter and facebook.

You can join bitlanders from the following link;

You can also have android app for bitlanders here;

Google Plus:


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Google plus is Google social media platform which is also used for sharing ideas. You can have this social media app for connecting with your Gmail friends. This social media site is very useful and you can create your account very easily using your Gmail account information. You can share videos and pictures on this social media platform.

Join Google Plus here;

You may also have an android app for Google+ here;



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YouTube is a video sharing website. You can also share your own videos on the YouTube and can watch millions of videos. YouTube is the greatest video broadcasting platform.
You can also earn through YouTube by sharing videos and enabling monetization. YouTube is also managed by Google.

You can have this app for your android smartphone very easily by clicking the link below;



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Skype is one of the great apps for making audio and video calls over the internet. Skype service is free of cast and uses your internet connection. You can have a wonderful experience of calling with Skype. Please remember that Skype is not used for emergency calls.

You can have this app for your android phone;

Facebook Messenger:

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Facebook messenger is now called messenger and this is one of the greatest messaging apps for Android. Messenger can also be used for text messaging and making audio and video calls. Messenger has wonderful features such as you can send audio messages to your friends and you can share your pictures with your friends too.

You can download this app for free here;

IMO Messenger:

IMO messenger is made for making audio and video calls and also for messaging to your friends and loved ones. This app is also free and uses your mobile data or Wifi internet for making calls.

You can download this app from the following link;

Dear friends, I've discussed above some of the most used Android apps which are popular and furthermore I will discuss in my other blog.

I'm sure that my article will help you a lot in choosing social media apps from the above.

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