Some Ways to Move ON

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First thing to do is “CRY”, yes! Just cry all the pain, cry until when you want, crying is the best effective way to ease the PAIN.
Find a FRIEND, let them comfort you. They will be the persons who will make you happy.
They are the persons who will give you tons of advises. They are the persons who will real understand you.

Stop ASSUMING, if he/she left you; don’t expect that he/she will be back again.
If he/she really loves you, he/she can’t let you disappear in his/her life, right?

Erase your BITTERNESS; the hardest thing to do when you are hurting is to forgive especially if he/she bluffed to you.
But before you can move on, you really need to remove anger in your heart, just think that it is like God is shouting you “He/she’s not for you child”, and take the saying; everything happens for a reason.

ACCEPTANCE, accept the fact that you really broke up, admit that he/she really left you.
It’s so hard but time will come that you will be thankful from what he/she did.
There are lots of chances to find the person who will really love you, no matter what.

Give yourself to LOVE SOMEONE ELSE, I am not saying to just find someone to forget and a rebound, the point is, spend your time to other things, if there’s a chance that someone comes into your life, give him/her a chance but please don’t do what’s your ex did because first and foremost you know the feeling of being hurting.

Be WISE, it’s not bad to love again after the past failed relationship, not wrong to love much again but please make it 30/70 this time, 30% for the person you want to offer your heart again and 70% to yourself. If you think or if you noticing the symptoms another failed relationship, hope that you have learned lessons from the past. Take note that in millions of people in the world, there’s no one will love yourself unconditionally for sure but YOU.




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