Someone Tried to Access My Gmail Account

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Just a few minutes back, I had received an alarming email from google which I can't afford to miss so I went in and read the email content. It's about someone trying to access my account who is based in Germany. Good thing google had automatically detected it and blocked that sign in. I on the other hand had gone through the steps to secure my account again.

This was my first time actually to see that someone trying to hack my account. After clicking on the link given above, I was navigated to a page which verifies if that was indeed me or not. Of course I clicked on the no option because it wasn't me indeed. Here's the devices which I had used and it is listing the one from Germany with a red warning sign on it:

Can't afford for some hacker to hack my account so I immediately went to the security options:

Password is now changed! Thanks google!

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