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It’s okay, you know. All of it. How he’s not thinking of you, not the way you want him to. How you’re missing him and how hard it is to look for something that doesn’t remind you of him. Sometimes we just love people too much, that even when they’re gone, even when all the traces that proved they love you have disappeared into thin air, even when it won’t make an ounce of  difference anymore, you still breathe for them and ache for them. Sometimes love exists even when it’s not wanted anymore, even when it’s invisible, sort of like how a star dies and becomes a black hole and everything it ever was just vanishes into the other side of nowhere, but it’s still there, louder than ever, wreaking havoc, sucking everything in its wake… Just because you don’t know why and where doesn’t mean you can no longer love, and it doesn’t make sense and there will always be infinite ‘if onlys’ and millions of 'I wishes’ but love doesn’t stop and maybe it’s not supposed to, and maybe it won’t ever be quiet and maybe it’ll always hurt. Maybe it just won’t go anywhere. And maybe you’ll just have to try to be okay with that.

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