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Sometimes I feel strange things, like forever revolving globe gathered in one place and then start. Like we keep going straight ahead forever, it will eventually return to where we started. A painful cycle and tears.

I've been in love, say love is not quite right. It's just an emotional feeling of the foolish dreams. But then I also believe myself right choice, apparently sometimes I still think he is the best, is only of themselves.

I was too young and he is too. I do not like the way we used offensive opponents as a means of measuring the loss and more aggressive. That anyone implicated in this affair the other one does not? Actually, both of us were too young to understand the issues of great stature.

That's it, we sometimes ask myself this, ask the other to finally own hands we must end all. Love is like a gamble, if not stop or you will win or you will lose miserably.


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