Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

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It's +Funny how often I read a post on here that talks about a topic that I haven't seen, only to have it closely followed by an article on the same topic from a different writer. We all draw inspiration from different places, even if we don't consciously realize that it's happening. I'll give an example of what I mean in my next post, which will explain what I have been up to here today.

Anyways, the topic that was touched upon in 2 different posts earlier (I don't remember who wrote them, sorry) was rainbows. This made me think of something from my childhood that is a little embarrassing, but which I will share with you guys all the same.

I had a deathly fear of rainbows, for reasons that I really cannot explain. Apparently, I would see one in the sky and go running and screaming into the house like a bat out of hell.

My sister still pokes fun at me for it today, and I am happy to report that my fear of brightly colored shiny things is now over.

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