Somewhere Someday Someone Will.

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Yes somewhere someday someone will express their love for you. And when they do, hold them tight and don't ever loose them. You will never get confused between them and the other temporary people in your life. You will know it from the inside, mother nature will give you green signals. And even if you try to avoid they will be there bonded with you in an eternal relationship, for example MARRIAGE.

You should wait for them. Don't rush for the wrong people just because they are available. Wait for you spouses, your real hubby or wifey to officially come into your life. Because when you love someone, trust me you don't need a test drive aka modern relationship stuff.

No matter how many people have already come into your life. If you decide to take a step towards betterment and avoid wasting your time, then it's never too late to get things right and save yourself some good time to spend with the right person, when he comes.

The beauty of a real, permanent and honest relationship is it's core, it's main reason. That might not always be the love of outer beauty. In fact it's never the outer beauty. It's the circumstances, the character of our partner, it's their very own existence and the energy we get from the thought of their existence.

Real relationships are not always based on love. The castle of a real relationship rests on respect, honesty, care, encouragement, efforts and love in the end.

Real relationship makes you feel the power of a family rather than keeping you in the cocoon of the love-is-all-you-need mindset. True relationships help you face realities, help you confess everything to your spouse and give enough space and trust to them to.

So don't rush. And WAIT!

Stay Blessed. Keep Smiling. :)


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