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The mourner has come again with his sorrowful song, he never laugh for once bcos he has danced the nursery rhyme played for little children. Fate has done it that way. So aggresive, so dejected, so sad, so lonely and devastated in mind". A still voice whispered to my hearing when l lay down in my hut.

My heart is bleeding, my eyes refuse to see the coming death, l laugh as she moves, moving in mysterious road. The road to uncertainty, leaving me to be alone. She has found another person, she has replaced my position, she has failed all her promises, she has left me without hope. And blessed me with horror!

Iam a hero, l will never lose! I am hopeful, l am aimful, l have a dream, l must fulfil it. I must make it, since you have chosen to reward me this way. Follow ur new Lover and l will follow my new world, all women seem to be the same. Alas! My days shall judge you. You have disappointed me and have denied me. Goodbye friend, goodbye betrayal! We shall see in eternity!

Tell that my would-be wife to run away from sexual immorality, teach her what she needs to know bcos l will crown her days. I will honour her, l will beautify her. She is my paragon of beauty, my mirror, and the saliva that run through my throat. 




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