SORT STORY :The friendship between the sponge and cotton

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First, the live animals and objects uniquely turtles, birds, cotton, sponges, and many moreamong them there are 2 very close friends, namely cotton andsponge, cotton lived on land and water, sponges, living in and between the sponge and cotton there is a tortoise who wanted to be able to play with them.


In the summer at a beach named coconut beach. Tortoise saw cotton spongesand playing on the beach, because feeling lonely turtle that approached them,

"hi can I come into play with you guys" he said with a coy

"I was, I was a Cotton cotton, that's my name" said Cotton

"I am the sponge that's my name" said the sponge while hand Turtel.


Since that season, along with cotton and always Turtel sponges, but both her best friend was never considered Turtel exist among them, to seek any Turtelsense to be friendly with them, he also visited the home of a White Dove for advice.

"so what can I do to their Dove", please Turtel

"I know, cotton's fear of the water and the sponge could not too long on the ground, so when they are alone, you can get an introductory letter, with thatmaybe they can menganggapmu means", explains Emily Dove si

"but where I can be able to write and leaf rib?", asked Turtel

"I could help you but please make me a pearl necklace to adorn myself", said thepigeons


5 days later ...

"hooray ... I managed to" he said, a successful take it  Pearl necklace, sheimmediately went to the home of a dove.

"this is beautiful once Turtel thank you, incidentally I've prepared a rib andleaves you ask, take" said Emily


Turtel glad once she immediately went to the home of cotton

"what do you want cotton wrote a letter to the sponge" asked Turtel, thencotton was writing the letter, but the letter-one game is no fun, Turtel tired once, mail the letter was continued until the evening, until he finally went to sleepeven though he knew that if he had delivered a letter from the sponge.


Turtel next day go to the waterfront to see cotton and sponge that was playing, but they are not at all ignoring Turtel

"Hi friends what is it?, why are you here?", asked Turtel

"why don't you deliver to send email, cotton?", angry spon

"I'm sorry you guys should know, sponge, I'm already tired and sleepy tomegantarkan the letter, I just want to be your friends" said Turtel

"oh yeah, now you're not our friend again" angry cotton, then Turtel cried andreturned home, and then the sponge and cotton also play again


When the next day arrived, cotton sponges have been waiting for on the waterfront, he did not know if the sponge is sick, the cotton waits until night falls, feeling worried, she went into the water, but all of a sudden the body feelsheavy, cotton tossed around by the waves, the beach then Turtel flashed and seeing the cotton that looks helpless, he saved the cotton and bring it to the ground, cotton also survived, he apologize and make friends with Turtel again.

"Turtel thanks, please could you drive to my email on sponge, if you're tired of me will not be forcing you to pass it on", and then delivering that letter also Turtelto sponges and more like yesterday.



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