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Some people exist on this earth because of WoW. Insane, right? I am fortunate enough to say that because I played wow at the right time, an awesome little boy exists in this world! No, he isn't my own, but rather the son of my two friends (I introduced them after I met the wow friend in real life). Anyway, today I got to see their son for the first time in three years. My wow friend is a marine and got stationed far away. Right now, he is on his second deployment and has been gone for four and half months already. His son didn't recognize me since he hadn't seen me since he was only a few months old. I got to tell him the story of how I met his dad, and I told him stories of our most epic moments in the game. While reminiscing, I couldn't help but feel a strong obligation to get this kid on my laptop to play wow for his first time. I made him make a new character and he picked a Tauren hunter. Overall, the kid is too young to play the game still. But I can't help feeling like I helped this young boy connect to his father in a way most people don't even know exist. I sent my wow friend this picture of his son playing, and even though we were talking through text, I could hear how sincere my friend's thank you's were. It was like he saw me trying to help his son fulfill his shoes.. Fulfill a birthright, almost. The neatest part of all this, his son made the exact same race/class comp he did when he was starting out, Tauren hunter. 
Some people are destined to play wow. Some people exist because of wow. Some people just have it in their blood



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