Soul ears

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A very touching story about the love between humans together. Sometimes the sincere encouragement can help others be more motivated to strive for in life. Remember, you can always given others a certain gift!
A skinny girl just has low teacher was removed from the choir It's only now she always wearing only a dirty clothes just, just too old to just wide. Sad little girl crying alone in the park. She was thinking: Why did not I sing? Did his bad singing to that? She thought and then she sang softly. She kept singing all this to the other post until a new distress alone. "You sing well too." A voice said: "Thank you, little niece, she gave us all a really fun afternoon." She was silly person. The girl has commended a white-haired old man. The old man finished speaking slowly stood up and walked away. The next day, when she saw the park to the old man sitting on the bench yesterday, gentle smiling face greeted her. She sings, elderly still listening intently. He said great applause: "Thank you, my little niece, nephew or sing too!" The old man said so himself walking slowly. And so the years passed, she has now become a famous singer. She did not forget the old man sat leaning back on a park bench and listen to her sing. One winter afternoon, she went to the park to find stuff, but there remain only empty bench. "The old lady had passed away already. Specifically he has more than 20 years deafness "- a talk with her ​​in the park. The girl froze. One day the old days still listening attentively and compliment her singing is an inability to hear?

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