'soul scream' another original work photo scanned and typed

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my soul screams with
the power of a 1,000 supergiant
suns, the pain inside is that
of a supernova. and yet all of
the hatered, wretched tourture
of past is dense like that
of a super massive Blackhole,
an all awe-inspiring all power-
full energy & mass consuming
black-hole. Sure lot's of power,
energy, and stuff, But just
like a moth and a flame
get to close and you will
get burned & Be consumed.
I have played with the black-hole
of my past for to long, for it is
consuming me I think I have
finally figured out the salvia
incedendt. it was a message:
that the "Black-Hole" will consume
me completly if I'm not careful
although it has been said,
"you can't have one without the
other" Black/White Light/dark
good/evil nice/mean
because if the world was just completly
in the middle all the time
it could get very boring and monontonus
just like I have heard "you can play
with fire but eventually you will
get burned" same with his Black-hole
(anger-hate-pain-fear-shame) THE PAST.
all in all we are just bricks in the
wall..... of life. so to those thinking
of being mean think again. and watch
a movie called "Bang bang you're dead"
it contains a very important
life lesson for ALL People.
with that I'll end for now



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