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Finally, I can write that I'm making another short. Putting an end to the blogs about the difficulty of making a film, or the promotion of my older films, I am set to make a short film very soon. Myself and Anderson West have decided to collaborate and start a short film collective, Sour Films.

Anderson and I both studied at Staffordshire University, 2 years apart, before eventually working together at Fuzzy Duck. We've gained an understanding of how each other works in every stage of the filmmaking process, and we believe its the right time to get some ideas together and see what happens.

The only photo I could find of Anderson and I. Before the tripod fell in.

It shows how quickly a collaboration can get the ball rolling. We've already got a shoot date booked in and a first draft of a couple of scripts. We've made the decision to make a couple of short shorts, in preparation for our bigger ideas for next year. I will write and direct one, and Anderson the other. Both of these films will be shot in one day, and could be ready for the start of 2014. 

And that's that. Time to get working on it. Over the coming weeks there will be blogs on casting, location scouting, and everything else. 

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Andy Salamonczyk is a short film director from South-East England. He graduated with a first class honours in Media Production from Staffordshire University, and has had films screened at Empire Leicester Square, the BFI and BAFTA HQ, and picking up several awards including Shooting People's Film of the Month award…

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