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 Make Money with ProbuxNeobux, Zapbux, Fusebux, 

1. Create a PayPal account. It’s free online banking account. 

After joining you can add your Bank account in India so that you can transfer the money to your account2. Once it is done, please join Probux first. 

  Join Probux
3. After joining, Start "View Advertisement”, Wait till the timer completes and page confirms it.

4. Your account will start to earn money. Approximately 0.04$ daily

5. Probux is a good start if you click everyday you will reach 0.60$ in less than 15days.

6. Rent 3 referral with that money

Now you have 3 more people work for you
7. Per referral click gives you 0.005$ and if the clicking average is good you make .02$ from each

8. Wait for it to reach 0.60$ again

9. Keep renting. Only maintain the one who clicks, ditch the people who is not

10. Your earning increases faster and rent till you reach 200 Rent Referral in your account. 

If Average click you get from referral is 4

200 Referrals x 4 = 800 clicks Per Day

800 clicks x .005 = 4$ a day...

Keep the money in your account till you reach 70$ go and upgrade your account to gold


Note: It takes 20 days from this point to reach that.

Once you upgrade your referral click rate DOUBLES from 0.005$ to 0.01$


800 x .01 = 8$ !!!!You can keep renting after this based on your level that you want to go

At this point, consider you reached 1000 RRs 1000 RR x .01 x 4 = 40$ Per Day

40 x 30 days = 1200$ Per Month It is around 60000 – 70000 Rs in Indian Currency. But it takes 3-6 months to reach this level

So please do not expect to make money in within a week. All you need to do is maintain clicking every day without fail

One main rule in PTC you will get daily referral’s money only if you clicked the previous day. If you won’t click today you won’t get your referrals money for tomorrows Click

Note: Clixsense  Zapbux  Neobux also have the same referral rates. .005$ for standard account

0.01$ for Golden


So hardly you are spending 1 hour everyday which will definitely make you earn huge money in just few months.

You may click below to get registered for free.

So wish you all the best

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