Source of Electricity,Uses of electricity and how we use it safely

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Electricity is expressed by the amount of charge flow through a particular area unit time.It is a energy that flow in the wires and link with magnetism.It is generated in the power stations that are placed on the water damps and it is also generated by air and sun light but a large amount of electricity is generated by flow of water.

It is send across cables carried on towers called Pylons.Electricity is one of our necessary thing in daily life.Our life is totally depend on electricity.Today every thing is start by electricity.Electricity is the big necessity to modern civilization.

It is also medium for the transmission of signal in computers and cell phones etc.In the industries mostly every machine work on electricity.It is also converted in to heat and magnetism and get power from it.Diseases are cured by electricity treatment.

Electricity is used in printing press has given us newspaper,magazines and books, bringing light not only to our homes but also to our heads.In order to ensure the electricity we should turn off the extra lights and unplug all the electric appliances like TV,Computer and fans etc.

Be aware from areas marked on sign that read "Danger High Voltage". Thanks my dear friends.I hope u will like it.

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