Source of transportation and its problems

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Transportation means to travel from one place to another place.There are so many sources to travel that makes our travel easy fast and comfortable.In ancient time the people travel on camels and horse.This source of travel is very hard and difficult.Peoples spends many months in the travels because this method of travel is very slow.Due to this many peoples are lose there life due to the problems that they face in travel.

But in the modern age due to advance technology source of transportation people can travel from one country to the other in a few hours.The modern sources are trains,aeroplanes,cars,buses and ships etc.In all these sources the travel is very VIP and we get all the facilities during long travel.

The modern technology make our travel very easy,fast,safe and comfortable.In Pakistan some villages peoples do not get these facilities due to lack of money and bad condition of roads etc.Road accident is increasing day by day due to bad condition of roads and also due to breaking of traffic rules.

That is why in the Pakistan the travel in the cities is not safe and also due to increasing of automobiles the peoples face different problems.I request to the Government to take a step to repare the roads.

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