Source Phoenix Review: Should You Buy It?(300k Per Month SEO)

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 If you’ve been involved in the internet marketing world for more than a few months then undoubtedly you’ll be receiving emails and seeing Facebook updates about the soon to launch Source Phoenix from Alex Becker of Source Wave fame.

One of the cool things about any product launch in the marketing and SEO world is that the author puts a lot of effort into the “pre-launch”. They want to show you how smart and knowledgeable they are on a topic before they sell you something.

So for the next week Alex is going to be sharing really informative videos on the topic of SEO. If you want to skip this review and go check them out, you can do so here.

So who’s behind Source Pheonix?


While Alex Becker of Source Wave is launching Source Pheonix, I wouldn’t really call it an Alex Becker product. I’ve purchased pretty much everything Alex has ever sold and only on one occasion have I been an affiliate of his. This product really interested me because of all the different voices he pulled together for Pheonix.

With three successful SEO’s who are pulling in more than $100,000 per month each you get to hear from a variety of voices.

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Most people don’t know this but I actually knew Alex well before he ever launched the Source Wave blog which he’s known for now. He used to run a website called ‘The Linkback’ and I was one of the first people he interviewed. He also had some ventures with my business partner Diggy in the early days too.

The only reason I haven’t promoted more of his products (just one after purchasing almost all of them) is really because I don’t like promoting too many things. It breeds mistrust from your audience if everything you’re talking about is something that you “must buy”.

This product is definitely something I’m going to be recommending to people asking whether they should get it or not though so please read the rest of this review to learn why.

First, a quick GIF to show I own the product


Just so you an see I’m not some guy writing a review about something I don’t actually own…




Cool? Cool!

Why I skipped the first chunk of Source Phoenix


I’ve been doing SEO for a long time. A really long time.

The truth is when I picked up this product I had very little desire to go through the basics. I wanted to get the kind of information you aren’t going to be seeing elsewhere, in the open.

Now, that’s not to say this isn’t for beginners. All of the basic stuff is here like “What is SEO”, “What are Backlinks”, “How to do on-page SEO” and so on. While not a criticism of the product, you can find this stuff pretty much all over the internet, for free.

Though I totally understand why they were included as this is about an all-ecompassing product as you can possibly get.

If you need to learn the basics before you get into the advanced stuff then trust me when I say it’s all there. That’s not why I like Source Pheonix though. My main hopes with the product were:

  • To learn new ways to pick up SEO clients (where I make a large part of my income)
  • To learn new conversion techniques to close potential clients I’ve already found
  • To know what others view as still working in Google today to get top rankings

Each one of these hopes were satisfied, and more.

Module #1: The Core Training Module




I’ll keep this fairly short as I’ve hinted on it above already: This is where you’ll learn the fundamental concepts of SEO. How Google works (hint: they love links), ideas on how to pick a niche to target, tips on avoiding Google penalties and also an introduction to private link networks.

While the content isn’t for me (I learned a lot of this stuff a while ago), if you’re just starting out you’ll get a great idea of the fundamentals of what Google really looks for when they rank websites.

The videos aren’t just a few minutes in length either. Video 5 alone, which is a step-by-step guide on setting up your first SEO-focused site, is 21 minutes long.

The next video – on creating your first backlinks – is equally as long. There’s hours of content in this first module alone.

If you’ve been doing SEO for a while though, you’ll probably want to dive in from Module 2…

Module #2: The Affiliate Blitz Module




Module Two is where the pace really starts to pick up a bit. I’m going to be honest though – as any good review should be – and say that I skipped half of the videos in this section. Based on the titles, I feel I know enough about the topics that are going to be discussed.

This includes things like making your site convert, setting up and linking from private link networks, avoiding the Google sandbox and using various link services.

Again, if you’re new to SEO then this will absolutely fast-track your learning curve. You’ll learn what took me a few years to figure out in just a few hours. However, for those of you have been doing it for a while you may not care about those videos either.

However, that’s not to say this module isn’t full of absolute GEMS. Videos like:

  • The 3-part Advanced Optimisation Series with Greg Morrison
  • The “Safe” PBN set-up series with Stephen Floyd
  • The Posi Rank Affiliate Blueprint

I’m impressed Becker managed to get Greg Morrison on board to create some videos for this product. Greg is the multi-millionaire behind hit marketing products produced by OMG Machines. His clients regularly pull in tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Greg lays out information about exact-match domains, anchor-text ratios and how Google have changed their algorithm around over-optimization in the last few years.

While I wasn’t watching Stephen’s videos to learn all there is about private blog networks, I’m really just looking for one or two nuggets of gold that I apply to my own network. Any little thing that can improve my business can increase my bottom line by an infinite amount.

For example, one big thing for me when building my private network was having to remove RSS feeds. Not a single blogger on the internet ever mentioned doing this. It’s something we had to learn ourselves after some competitors found our leaks via this “sneaky” method.

Just knowing something like that is hugely valuable to me, which is why I found Stephen’s videos interesting.

Module #3: Client Takeover Module




This is the module that was really made for me. Someone that has some SEO clients already – and I do very well with this business model – and want to scale it up and learn how other people are running their client based businesses.

Client based SEO is what I cover largely in Marketing Inc – which I’m giving away for free at the end of this page – and with my business partner Diggy we’ve helped dozens of people start making thousands of dollars per month with this revenue stream.

I’m a huge, huge believer in investing in knowledge that can improve my business. Other successful people I know tend to follow this belief as well. I recently interviewed Matt who makes over $1 million per year with client-based SEO. Here’s what he said:

I have bought every course on SEO. I have paid every top SEO to see what they know and would do in my shoes. Some of it was good advice and worth it; some was complete shit and had no value in a local agency. Marketing has to become an obsession because traffic is nothing without conversions. Conversions are where the money is made.

I buy all the real marketing courses even if I will know 98% of the content already. If there is that 2% that could boost my business by a few points I am all about making the investment.

In this module, Kotton, who is doing more than $140,000 per month with client based SEO (working by himself), gives me even more than that 2%. He shares at least three concepts I have already started implementing in my business.

One of them shows you were to find potential clients who are already paying at least $5,000 per year on (mostly) ineffective advertising.

One shows you a unique way to propose your services that I’ve yet to try but looks like it would work really well.

Another shows an easy way to lead clients through your sales funnel I’ve been using in other industries to generate sales but never applied specifically to clients.

The module even goes so far as to cover how to rank in the top of the 7 pack (Google local / map results) and even using Facebook as a way to get clients. The latter being an hour-long video from Becker.

Module #4: Fast SEO ROI






Unfortunately I can’t say too much about this module as it hasn’t been fully uploaded in the backend at my time of writing this. Once it is – before the final launch – I’ll edit this text.

Here’s what Becker tells me the module covers:

I will basically be showing them really fast ways to make a return with SEO and mostly showing them how to start SEO services online. It also covers selling links, or making an outsourcing service, or even things as simple as opening up a shop on warrior forum or BHW plus how I manage staff to do it all for me.

Stay tuned for a full review on this module one once I have finalised access.

That’s about as in-depth a review you’re going to get of Soure Phoenix online so I hope you learned more about what the program actually covers. If you’re looking for the bullet points, then here you go…

Source Phoenix Pro’s


  • Created by people who are making a LOT of money following what they teach
  • A true all-encompassing SEO product for beginners and advanced marketers alike
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Source Phoenix Con’s


  • A few navigation links inside are broken (though I’ve been told these will be fixed on launch day)
  • A high price point may put this out of many people’s reach
  • Advanced SEO’s will find little value in the first module

“So Glen, should I purchase Source Phoenix?”


When it comes to any internet marketing product, the most important part of your commitment is actually taking action with the information you read inside. If you purchase this or anything else with the hope you are going to get huge results just by clicking a button then I recommend you stay clear.

While there are people willing to hold your hand – and Source Phoenix comes with access to a private Facebook group – at the end of the day it’s down to you to turn the knowledge into results.

One of the interesting things we noticed about running our own high-ticket item (it sold at times for $997) was that some people wouldn’t even join the forums we gave them access to. People would pay $1,000 to read our course content but wouldn’t take 2 minutes to register on the forum and have myself, Diggy and hundreds of others help them on their journey.

If you’re likely to do the same thing with Source Phoenix, then save your money.

For people who are actually going to take what they learn and USE IT, Source Phoenix has an incredible potential to turn your life around and put you on the path to financial freedom or even greatly multiply your current success.

While we have people who go through our own product and literally never even set-up a website, we have dozens upon dozens of people who have made thousands of dollars. Some people have been able to do this in as little as their first week of buying our product.

I have zero doubt that there will be people who buy SP and make a LOT of money with the program. Similarly there will be people who look for some magic bullet or quick solution and not reap any benefits.

If you’re a highly experienced SEO, there will be less of this course that is interesting to you. That being said, you’re probably at a stage where a few nuggets of wisdom could really take your business to the next level and I’m confident you would find them here. I say that because I certainly did.

If you’re new to SEO and want to fast-track your success then you’ll find all you’re looking for in Source Phoenix and then some.

At the end of the day, the course features real people making huge amounts of money sharing the steps they outline in the course. I genuinely wish I had something like it when I was starting out online and predict it’s going to be the most successful product Becker has ever been behind.

I know the Facebook Group alone should be very interesting to be apart of.


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Please note that if you do refund Source Phoenix (which is totally your call) we will have to revoke your Marketing Inc. access. We put a lot of time into the product – myself and Diggy have made over 2,000 forum posts – so it’s not something we could give away for free to everyone.

P.S. Even if this isn’t for you, at least watch the pre-launch videos. Anyone selling a high-ticket item is going to give a lot of value upfront to show they know what they’re talking about so they should be interesting to say the least.

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