Sources of Motivational Energy

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Sources of Motivational Energy

                You have seen many people in your life that seems very energetic in every field of life, particularly when it comes to battle of mind and ideas. Motivational energy is a kind of energy that motivates you to do something big in your life that helps you to chase your dreams. There are a lot of peoples around who have literally proved impossible to “I_m_possible” with their motivational energy.

So from where does this motivational energy Come... in our life we have a source of everything so does in case of motivational energy. Some of its sources are as follow.

  • Big dreams
  • Teachers
  • A random Quote/ a random incident
  • Role Model


Big Dreams

                 The main source of motivational and inspirational energy is big Dreams as Eleanor Roosevelt


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Then the question arises what are big dreams. It’s Answer Is different for everyone. It depends upon the interest of the one. For a student of School it might be to get top position in the school. For a business man it will be seeing his business at a height of glory. For a sportsman it might be to break the old records in his field. Dreams Change with time too. From a dream to be topper in my school to the dream of being an inspiration for youngsters, my life is full of dreams. So Dream big and then don’t let them go away.


                 “it is not what is poured into a student that counts, but what is planted."

Teacher is the one who can change one’s life. If u get good teacher, you don’t need to worry about the motivational energy. A good teacher is always an inspiration.





                 Some time it happens that u sees a random   quote and you get motivated. Your energy level goes way up. That’s a fact that sometimes our mind is searching for some food, and a quotation provides that.  For example following are the few quotes that changed my behavior towards different happenings and helped me workout when there seemed darkness everywhere.




This is the age of social media. We have some very well managed pages of quotations on facebook. Like them and get energized.

A role model:

                Having a role model always inspires you to be like him. First of all discover yourself. In which profession and field you are interested. Then find someone who did extraordinary in the field. Read his biography, it will definitely inspire you. Having a role model makes it easy to have an idea of what to do or what to do next. And never limit yourself to the Role model only. Have a big dream of being a role model in that particular field for the next generation to come!


So dream big, feed your dreams , be idealist and one day you will  be the role model….. :)



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