South Beach Diet Brief Review

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The South Beach Diet was created by a Florida-based cardiologist , Dr. Arthur Agatston , along with the help of Mary Almon Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami .

Dr. Agatston originally developed the diet to prevent heart problems in their hearts that obese patients have difficulty staying in the standard low-fat diet recommended by the American Heart Association . Dr. Agatston began announcing diet program to lose weight after success in using it to treat their patients .

The principle behind the South Beach diet is that the dieter to lose weight , change their intake of carbohydrates " bad " " good carbs " and " bad fats " with " good fats . " Therefore , the differences are based on what diet regime categorized as " bad " and " good " fats in the diet depends on the level of saturation , as well as " bad " and " good " carbohydrates agree with their glycemic index .

Consumption of " bad " carbohydrate foods , according to Dr. Agatston , leading men and women to become resistant to insulin - a lack of sensitivity of insulin receptors and for its inability to properly regulate glucose levels . The program also noted that the insulin resistance often contribute to the human body storage of excess glucose in the circulatory system in the form of glycogen in muscle and liver cells and also in the form of fat in the fat cells of the body . Dr. Agatston also believed that overindulging in " bad " fats in the diet at the same time causes a greater increase in weight and the threat of heart problems .

Although Agatston states categorically that the South Beach diet is not low-fat or low-carbohydrate diet , but limit intake of both types of food . Basically , Dr. Agatston's South Beach Diet can be seen as part of a rapid weight loss diet and diet plans short term portion of long-term calorie controlled portions.

Diet Dr. Arthur Agatston South Beach is basically divided into three levels .

phase One

The level of one of South Beach Diet is a strict level of the program and allows the choice and amount of carbohydrate foods at least . There is no provision for pasta , rice , fruits , potatoes , bread , and almost no sugar or starchy foods - for a two-week period of this phase .

However , this scenario does not allow the use of a series of low-glycemic vegetables that add essential nutrients such as folate and heart-healthy vitamins and minerals. Lots of salads and vegetables are allowed in unlimited quantities to give satisfaction and also helps control blood sugar levels .

Phase one offers the same for a large percentage of protein and good fats through the consumption of food products such as oil ( canola and olive oil ) , spices , soy cheese ( low fat or low calorie - ) , eggs , nuts , seafood , meat , poultry and artificial sweeteners . Meal sizes are not too tightly regulated , because the people who are actually allowed to have a regular intake of 1,200 calories and 1,400 spread over three regular meals and 2 or 3 treats .

This particular level is to assist dieters to break their evil desires and equally significant to fix any kind of insensitivity to insulin . Dr. Agatston believes that diet can shed 8-13 pounds most belly fat diet plan during this phase alone .

Diet is recommended to never use the Phase One diet as a long term diet program . On the other hand , some people may be difficult to follow this diet because of the experience fatigue , dehydration and nausea .

Second stage

The second phase of the South Beach diet is much more generous and people are generally supposed to be down about 1-2 pounds ( 0.6 to 1 kg ) per week . This level of reality allows people to take pleasure in some of the " allowed " the most desirable food - although a little less than what they were used before , especially with regard to the parts that are allowed .

In this phase , dieters are allowed to start slowly and gradually add some " good " carbohydrate foods such as whole wheat bread , whole wheat pasta , sweet potatoes , fruits , brown rice , and starchy vegetables .

People are encouraged to continue with this step of the diet program until the point they reach their goal weight before moving into the final phase of the diet plan . Travel time phase two depends primarily on the extent to which individuals expect weight to lose .

Three stages

This is actually the maintenance phase of the South Beach diet and started as soon as people reach their weight loss goals . This level was created to help people maintain the benefits of ending the level 1 and 2 . The set meals are limited at these three levels is very similar to Step 2 , and foods made from white flour and contain high amounts of refined sugar they are not acceptable .

The third stage , because it is everyday life to make the right food choices and have noticed in the previous stage . People are also encouraged to participate in a decent amount of aerobic exercise and strength training as well .

Although the South Beach diet is fairly new compared to the likes of the Atkins diet and almost no studies have been conducted as an independent academic , however, many people who enthusiastically accepted , however , the diet plan .

In addition to rapid weight loss in the first stage of the diet plan is a major problem disputes with several nutritionists and dietitians , health experts of the view that the general concepts that feed the South Beach diet is a sensible reality .

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