Spamming in Bitlanders. How to avoid?

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Hello friends,


Image Credits: Bitlanders & edited by Asad Munib

I’m here today to tell you spamming on bitlanders and its major loss for your account. In my today’s blog, I will mention some major things which effect on bitlanders and you are unable to continue your journey on bitlanders easily and securely.

So friends, let’s first tell you what is spamming in bitlanders.

What is spamming?


Image Credits: Bitlanders & edited by Asad Munib

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Spamming means to find your way with the fake and wrong method for getting benefits in your work. Spamming is something like hiding your identity and working with the illegal and fake method to get your work. Spamming is something like hiding your originals and working as a fake user.

Wikipedia description for spamming:

Electronic spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems to send an unsolicited message (spam), especially advertising, as well as sending messages repeatedly on the same site. While the most widely recognized form of spam is email spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam, online classified ads spam, mobile phone messaging spam, Internet forum spam, junk fax transmissions, social spam, spam mobile apps,[1] television advertising and file sharing spam. It is named after Spam, a luncheon meat, by way of a Monty Python sketch about a restaurant that has spam in every dish and where patrons annoyingly shout spam over and over again.


Spamming in bitlanders:


Image Credits: Bitlanders & edited by Asad Munib

Spamming in bitlanders is when someone tries to increase his score with the fake method and tries to get more earning through fake usage. In bitlanders spamming is known as the very dangerous thing for your account and it may cause to suspend or disable your account. Spamming in bitlanders will be discussed more here.

Buzz me:


Image Credits: Bitlanders & edited by Asad Munib

In bitlanders, spamming is very dangerous and the editorial team has introduced some major changes which will affect your account. Now if you some to buzz me or like me in your microblogs, comments or in anywhere else then it is known as spamming and it is the fake method to get more buzz on your blogs or other content. So avoid asking anyone to buzz your content.

Subscribe me:


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Subscribe me is also a form of spam in bitlanders. When you directly say, someone, to subscribe to your profile then it is known as spamming and it is prohibited in bitlanders. Subscribing means to follow your profile on bitlanders and it must be done as per own consent. If you are asking someone to follow you then you are absolutely doing wrong. Give him open mind to visit your profile or page and then if he founds it useful then he will definitely follow you.

Spamming in microblogs:


Image Credits: Bitlanders & Edited by Asad Munib

In microblogs, spamming is also curious and very effective for your account. Never post such type of microblogs which cause spamming. Never ask someone to subscribe you or buzz your content in microblogs because it is also the form of spamming. Some people say to other users to buzz them through microblogs and tag them, this is spamming and not allowed.

Spamming in Global chat:


Image Credits: Bitlanders & Edited by Asad Munib

In global chat, some users try to use spamming chat which makes their account insecure. When you say other users in global chat buzz me or subscribe then it is prohibited and no more allowed. Don’t ask anyone in global chat to buzz or subscribe your posts because it directly creates spamming and may cause your account suspension.

How to avoid spamming in bitlanders?


Image Credits: Bitlanders & Edited by Asad Munib

The above conditions are the form of spamming in bitlanders and every user must save his account from spamming. Due to new rules on bitlanders spamming will effect on users and everyone must obey the rules to earn and stay on bitlanders. Here are some rules which will help you to save you from spam.

Don’t ask anyone to buzz you:


Image Credits: Bitlanders & Edited by Asad Munib

In global chat, microblogs, comments or anywhere never ask anyone to buzz or like your content because it is spamming and may affect your account. Always try to use your original words and don’t post such type of phrases which present the meaning of spam. Your original content may be liked or buzzed by users automatically. If your contents are original and well written then users will automatically buzz them and people will also like your content. So always post original content and spam free posts.

Don’t ask anyone to subscribe you:

Don’t ask any other user to subscribe to your profile because it is spamming. Always work on your own behalf. If your contents are original and highly rated then other users will automatically like your content and may also subscribe you automatically. You cannot pretend someone to like your or subscribe your profile on bitlanders. Use your own abilities to be subscribed by other users.

Post only original and spam free content:

Post original and spam free blogs and content like photos, microblogs, videos, and comments. Always write original blogs to improve your position on bitlanders and try to avoid such activities which may cause your account suspension. Use your own abilities to be succeeded here.

Like and buzz the content of other users:

Like and buzz the content which is posted by other users on bitlanders. Buzz more and more content and in return, those users and many other users will automatically buzz and like your content. Buzzing the content of other users will also increase your rating and influence score and rating on bitlanders.

Video Credits: Asad Munib via Youtube

The above I have mentioned about spamming using my own experience and knowledge about bitlanders. I’m sure that using the above techniques and suggestions will help you in reaching high score on bitlanders and will help you to earn more here. Dear friends, not only on bitlanders, anywhere else in life, if you choose the right way you will be succeeded, but if you go on wrong way, then you will never find success and you will also cause many problems in your life.


Image Credits: Edited via Asad Munib

Hope that my blog will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading my blog and spending your precious time.


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