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yes it is speaking that many people want to master it fast, what do you say about someone who can speak English well and accurately? of course we will say he/she is amazing because they can make the audience amazed. but do you know how to master speaking?

to master speaking, we must be brave to show or perform in front of public before we become the real speaker that can motivate someone else with our words. the key is from ourselves if we want to be a good speaker in our life. it needs time to be good speaker because it is begun from our mental and our brief.

someone who can speak well will be more confident when they meet foreigners or weird people in their life because they are ready to communicate with someone else. in learning speaking, the students have to be active in the class, while the teacher just give tips and topics to be discussed to express the students' opinion to other people.

to speak is easy, but how to begin speak is difficult if do not have some knowledge and vocabularies. so that as students who want to be able to speak English well, don't be shy and don't be lazy to practice and practice every time whenever and wherever.

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