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You know very well that I am so interesting person in technology field. Most of my blogs are related to gadgets, electronics and technologies. Today I am bringing a topic related to smart home gadgets which can make your home joyful. As I know you spend so much money on art, furniture and kitchen equipment, but have you try to change your home in smart home? If you haven’t tried than Anjani is here. I will help you to choose perfect accessories and gadgets for your home.

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As you know smart home has already amazing techniques, but accessories could make your interior as well as beautiful. You can increase smart home looking by place devices perfectly. In current generation, you can change your home in smart home by the help of Internet and smart devices. In smart homes, your every work will completed automatically and rapidly. The security system of smart home is enough strong, not only anybody can enter without your permission also they cannot do any wrong activity. So let’s start and find out some goods for your need. :)

5 gadgets for Smart homes

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Keep watch your children from anywhere

(Motorola MBP854 Connect: $ 250)

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Motorola MBP854 is Wi-Fi camera system which can be connected with our smart phone. This Wi-Fi camera or monitoring system has many uses like – if you are in another room and want to know that what you child is doing than you can monitor your child via this gadget. Its 4.3 inch screen makes it possible. Other than this when you at another place can monitor your children and home via use of Hubble app on smart phone. This app is totally free. By this app, you can control camera movement, can get two-way audio and can take sounds or temperature alerts. If you want to cover your entire home so you can connect maximum four cameras.

Wi-Fi everywhere

(TP-Link TL-WA854RE: $ 30 and Netgear’s WN3000RP: $ 62)


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It is quite difficult to reach Wi-Fi signals throughout the house. You can expand Wi-Fi signal coverage by following placement related rules. For better signal quality you should install the router in centre of house and height. Although sometimes these rules cannot help you, because walls and others devices can affect your wireless network. But don’t worry you can take help of Wi-Fi extender, which can double your available coverage and you can also use multiple units with extender. If your router has WPS button then you can install it easily. TP-Link’s version is simple, it has notification LED set for signal strengths. Netgear’s WN3000RP also has built-in Ethernet that why it works as router and extender. If you have internet connection and want to increase signal strengths then you should try it.

Dock you Apple device

(HoverDock for iPhone: $34.95 and AluPlug: $29.95)


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You purchased expensive mobile phone and awesome smart watch, but if you can’t not show-off it well with others then what the benefit of spend lot money? HoverDock is crafted too amazingly in aluminium for mobiles. It is supportable for all i-Device. At your desk, it will look awesome. Its innovative design is capable to impress you, when you see your mobile on dock you feel like your iPhone is rotating. Also you can safely put your smart watch on this dock. It can connect via help of your original apple cables, because original accessories will never show you any errors. It has extra cables for charge both smart phone and smart watch. Dual USB AluPlug is perfect friendly device for apple devices, because it can charge two devices easily.

HoverDock testing Video

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Entertainment in stick

(HalfTicket TV: $60)

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Nowadays many users love Android platform so what will your reaction when you can able to convert your basic TV in a Smart Android TV and can access different type movies or TV shows. HalfTicket is only cheap media streaming device which is available with a supplied air mouse remote for control the device. As you know the Android is open platform, therefore you can install your favorite apps and games. Via hotspot service you can stream your mobile content on TV and can play multimedia files via USB drive.


Chrome OS on Your TV

(ASUS Chromebit: $120)

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Chromebit is such a small device which has Chrome OS. Chrome OS is ultra lite operating system of Google. You can connect this device to TV or Monitor via HDMI cable and your device will transform in Chrome device. Chrome OS is already pre-loaded with various Google services like YouTube, Chrome and Google Docs. It is better gadget for everyday use on work. It has 16 GB internal storage so you can install other apps from Chrome store also it has full size USB port hence you can connect external flash drives with it.

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Give the wings to your Data

(Strontium Mobile Wi-Fi Cloud: $50)

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It is a compact accessory. It is light weight only 128 Grams. It has 3000 mAh battery, a built in SD-Card slot and USB port. You can connect flash drives, hard drives or memory card with it. You can access it via free Strontium Wi-Fi cloud app or any web browser. It makes a Wi-Fi hots-pot for device connection and with the help of this you can connect device and transfer your data to any external storage device.

The Eye-Wi security system

(Godrej Eagle I Smart: $70)

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Basically peoples think that it’s difficult to install security system at home, but actually it is not true. It can be installed without help of any electrician or technician. Godrej has invented a solution “simple do it yourself system”. You do not have to do so much just plug its main unit on wall socket than all other accessories like PIR motion sensor ($27), door/window sensor ($16), smoke detector ($50) and glass break sensor ($40) will communicate wireless. You can use 40 battery powered sensor in it.

Know purity of Air

(Laser Egg: $130)

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You know very well that pollution covered all around us and our cities have reducing pure air. In this condition, we may face bad quality air in future. To keep clean air is difficult challenge. For knowing quality of air, basically we depends on figures which is given by the placed sensors around us or the average air quality if our city. To rid out from this condition Nirvana Industry had invent an equipment named Laser Egg which is battery powered unit. It will give you instant air quality index. We can charge it via micro USB cable. By the help of a app, you can check measurement from anywhere.

Note: All the prices given are a Indian market rate, you can check this equipments at your local stores.

I am finishing here my blog. I hope you had liked my post. You can find out more gadgets from internet or anywhere for your need. Enjoy this post till my next post.

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