Speeches, Debates

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Speeches, Debates

Speeches, debates and other such literary activities were once considered to be a mere hobby by  the students and teachers alike. They were called extra-curricular activities and were held only to provide some change and entertainment to the students. Modern psychologists and educationists, however, realizing their manifold advantages, regard them as an integral part of the over all educational plan. They consider them vital and indispensable for the mental, moral, emotional and social training of the students. While preparing a speech, a speaker has to collect the relevant material from different sources, and them arrange it into a well-organised and well-coordinated speech. This develops in him, the habit of research, inquiry and rational thinking .

The time limit, which he is bound not to exceed, teaches him how to convince others by using few but comprehensive words. His knowledge and vocabulary increase and pronunciation improves. He learns to convince other sensibly and politely and  not by force or intimidation. Freely and boldly he expresses his opinion and thus develop self-confidence which is so essential for success in every walk of life. Sometimes he wins and sometimes has to confront the hooting taunting and sneering of the audience and thus learns a lesson of patience and persistence in the midst of the trails and tribulations of life.

He listen to opponent’s views patiently and expresses his own and thus learns not to allow the difference of opinion to become a source of confrontation. This democratic training is vital for the student of a country like ours which, for decades has been trying to introduce true democracy. Moreover, it is generally observed that student who are good speakers and debaters become successful politicians and lawyers in the long run.



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