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The English language contains around sketchy a million different words. While French has around 100,000; Russian much 150,000 and German about 200,000.most of us use only around 15-20,000 of these word on a regular basis.

Our vocabulary is huge since English is essentially a mixture of two separate language systems: the system used in England before the Norman victory in 1066 and the system used after this date when a new written language was devised by the Norman-French invaders. English has, in addition, incorporated large numbers of other foreign words along the way.

This means, in effect, that English often contains two or three different synonyms (different words meaning the same thing) to express one concept- all drawn from quite different language systems. Some spellings were changed to bring words nearer to the form they had in other languages and the changes introduced letters that have never been pronounced in English- the b in salmon.


English spellings have generally remained fixed, while pronunciation has changed ultra. During the middle ages it was perfectly permissible to spell the same word in several different ways.

It was only in the late 15th century, when the first printers introduced their new trade into English has forty sounds it is a difficulty in English language.


]\English, that a new, standardized system was felt to be necessary. Another problem is that English contains around forty away basic sounds, not rate all the alien sounds that incorporated toward the language,


but only twenty-six letters with which to represent them on paper. So many letter combing have to double for away sounds, adding to the confusion,

Despite all the spelling is important it’s creates a good impression makes your letter easily comprehensible. It’s a shame to start off well irritating error.

Bad spelling annoys people and can occasionally, lead to 

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