Spend Minutes with Hillary Summers and Get Rewarded

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Spend Minutes with Hillary Summers and Get Rewarded

Hello guys~! It's me again. Because Micky has announced the new double reward topic in his blog entitled "Blog about the bitLanders Survey Chat and Earn Double Rewards", therefore my main topic this time will discuss a little about the Survey Chat. If you are a bitlanders user, you must be familiar with Hillary Summers. Yes, a lady with a angry face and rarely smiled. She was one of the bitLanders staff in charge or reviewing the submitted content for review either the video, gallery, or blog. Now, she has a new job.

"Two Faces of Hillary Summers: Laugh Face & Angry Face"

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bitLanders Global Chat

Before I elaborate on the main topic, I'll explain a little about Global Chat and a little about my experience. Back when I was new to join bitlanders, about 11 months ago (yeah, I was one of the old user) Global Chat feature still not yet applied. Until finally Micky announced the latest blog titled "New Feature - Chat with other bitLanders!" about the new feature called "Chat" 10 months ago. One month later, Micky announced in a blog titled "Introducing the Private Chat on bitLanders" about Private Chat feature in Chat. And since then, Chat continues to change and progressed to date and we called it "Global Chat" now.

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Before Global Chat applied, I didn't know how bitlanders works and how to increase my buzz score. But thanks to the global chat, I meet new people from around the world and taught me about bitlanders and allowed me to be on the leader board as it is now. And because Global Chat, I can enjoy my days in bitlanders. Thanks to my old friends: neosnos, heartluv, bratprincess_1221, mohammad-belal-khan, and my other friends who had left bitlanders (I miss you guys, I miss our crazy days).

Now, Global Chat function has changed a lot since a few months ago. I'm sure you already know what I mean. Skip skip skip let's stop this now. : 3

bitLanders Survey Chat

A week ago, bitlanders has introduced a new feature in the Global Chat, called Survey Chat. Just like another survey, you will be asked several questions about a variety of topics and every answer you give, will be rewarded with 10 bitMiles Loyalty Points. Just as what Micky has announced in his recent blog titled "Share your thoughts and Earn bitMiles points with the new bitLanders Survey Chat":

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You all know the Chat where you can talk live with other bitLanders users. Today, we are launching the bitLanders Survey Chat where you will be able to answer questions about a variety of topics and earn 10 bitMiles Loyalty Points for each answer you give us.

Simply launch the chat from the bottom right of any page while on bitlanders.com and Hillary Summers will start talking to you and asking for your opinion!


 Starting Survey Chat

 To start a Survey Chat is easy, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open the chat

    "How to Open Global Chat"

    Image snapped & edited by me

  2. Launch the chat from the bottom right of any page while on bitLanders. Then a box titled Global Chat will opens. Hillary Summers will welcome you with her typical angry face.
  3. Start answering questions

    "Hillary's Greeting Messages"

    Image snapped & edited by me

    Hillary Summers then will asking several random questions or specific topic questions. All you need to do is to answer all questions provided by her. You do not have to mind what is the correct answer, because you still will get 10 bitMiles Loyalty Points even if your answer is wrong.

"Example Questions from Survey Chat"

Image snapped & edited by me

Just choose whatever answer if you don't know what is the right answer, just like what I did above. :D

Get Rewarded

"bitLanders Rewards Page"

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Just as what Micky has said, you'll get your reward from answering Survey Chat within a few minutes or at the next Buzz calculation (within 24 hours). You'll be able to see them in the 'Details section' of your Rewards page as "bitMiles applications and games." The amount of reward you got after completing Survey Chat is different each time, because the amount of question Hillary Summers asked is random. 

"My Rewards from Chat Survey"

Image snapped & edited by me

Based on my experience, I got more than 30 questions from her once, and sometimes just 10 - 15 questions or just 5 questions. Multiply the questions that you answered with 10 then you will get a total bitMiles Loyalty Points that you got from Survey Chat that day. 10 bitMiles Loyalty Points as reward is very low, doesn't it? But that's still better than nothing.

If you have suggestions of questions and answers you would like to see in the Survey Chat, you can email them to info@bitlanders.com

"My Experience with bitLanders Survey Chat"

Video recorded & edited by me
Background song: Lasse Lindh - Because I

As a bitLanders user, I think this bitLanders new feature is quite good and interesting with simple and user friendly design. But there is a minus point about the questions provided in Survey Chat. Sometimes I couldn't relate to the question at all and mostly the questions are for US resident. I hope they will provide more question about daily life that all bitLanders users can relate or survey about bitLanders itself to improve bitLanders services and make bitLanders users more comfortable to stay in here.

Enjoy your minutes with Hillary Summers guys~!^^





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