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There are so many things that make one's life interesting or boring.

To think that life is so short will always let us enjoy every moment of it. It will make one realize that one can be here alive and healthy, but suddenly it will be cut short by natural or unknown causes. 

Each day is a miracle; you will awake feeling refreshed and happy, looking forward to another beautiful day. So this is a very nice start. It will make you think positively and everything will follow. In your acts and words, you will always think that it is good to be always positive to make life happier. And there are so many spices of life to make it more interesting. One is being with your family, seeing after your kids, talking or having open communications with your husband or wife, because oftentimes, it is the cause of conflicts, when one is always assuming without first asking or having a conversation to clear doubts. Communicating with family members make the family bond strong. 

Success in the family or in your jobs is another spice of life. It makes you feel accomplished and happy. Being successful makes you desire to achieve more, and it is not only you who are happy but people who care for you as well. They feel inspired by your achievements. You are their inspiration. 

There are so many spices of life we can choose to make our lives interesting. Do not be bored, always think there are so many things one can do to make up with what he lost or where he failed in the past. Thinking positively is the best spice of life. 

Having a pet like the shih-tzu dog I posted above will add color to a boring day. Looking at the beautiful  flowers, smelling it, or walking or sitting underneath the trees remove stress.  

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