Spinach and lettuce to moisturize lips during winter

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During the winter exposed many parts of the body to the problems due to the cold air , but the real reason for the problems of the lips during the winter season is a lack of vitamin B2, which is very important for the growth of cells in the body also helps to overcome the cracking of the lips , and helps the absorption of iron and capitalize on the body of which is full .

She explained Dr Basant Ezzat , advisory immune diseases , that vitamin B2 is not only important for the lips , but it is also important to maintain the weight and help the body to retain weight optimization has also contributes to the vitamin in the treatment of inflammation of the gums and skin ulcers so it is important to keep the skin supple and chapped lips .

And can be overcome by using moisturizers that soothing the skin of the lips during the winter and can be treated with moisturizers roughness put her before bedtime may be neglected because the outcome bleeding blood and the inability to eat due to the intense burning sensation , who may suffer because of it dry .

She added that this vitamin is available in abundance in certain foods like spinach and lettuce next to bananas , peaches, apricots As for the cuisine is available in abundance in milk and cheese , and can moisturize the lips use olive oil, it helps protect them from cracking and maintains the suppleness , and can hydrate the use of cocoa butter , which maintains the suppleness and give her a bit of gloss maintains its appearance throughout the day.

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