Spiritual and Mental Health

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Tama ang magtiwala sa ating Panginoong Diyos . Ngunit mayroon ding kasabihang : GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES !

SPIRITUAL HEALTH  -  those who have spirituality in their life are able to endure trials and hardships much better . This must be true for us Filipinos . Despite all setbacks in our life , we continue to SMILE and be HAPPY .



MENTAL HEALTH  -  Being so far away from home , especially OFWs surely feel lonely .  Thus , there is the prevalent need for OFWs to band together into different associations . 

However , this very bonding can be cause of intrigues , jealousy and gossip . I think that if all OFWs  just decide to focus their loneliness on improving themselves , a lot of these frustrations can overcome . 


★  It is important to keep yourself  physically healthy.

Siguraduhin na laging malusog ang iyong katawan .

★  Spiritual health is important to be able to endure trials and hardship .

Ang pangangalaga ng iyong kaluluwa at pagka- espirituwal ay malaking tulong upang makaya ang mabibigat na suliranin . 

★  Always strive to improve yourself through continuing education .

Dapat palaguin din ang iyong kakayahan sa pamamagitan ng walang pagod na pag - aaral .


WE CAN DO IT  !  KAYA NATIN TO  !    (^∇^)


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