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There is not a single branch of knowledge in which new terms have not been introduced for the sake of conveying meanings. Some of the sciences have external as well as internal meanings, that some of the terms are obvious and readily understood, while others are hidden and become evident through research. We would, therefore, interpret this tradition in the following manner. By soul God meant the souls of the angels, and by bodies, the bodies of the throne of God, the highest sphere, the seven heavens, the stars, fire, air, water and earth. You must know tliat man’s body is a mere nothing when compared with the body of the earth, and that the body of the earth is smaller than sun, which is again smaller than heaven above it. All the seven heavens placed over one another are greater than the ones placed under them, and these have no comparison in greatness with the highest sphere, containing all the heavens and the earth. The highest sphere is again smaller than God’s Throne. If you can think intellectually, you will be forced to the conclusion that by bodies as mentioned in the tradition the bodies of human beings are not meant. Similarly, by souls the tradition means the souls of angels and not those of the human beings. If you had the knowledge of angels and souls, you would hold that they are like a great fire that kindles all human souls, feeds and supplies the spirit of humanity, as oil feeds and supplies the flame in a lamp. Each of the angels has an individual soul distinct from the one possessed by another. On the contrary,