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Sport is very effected for health also sport is a physical activities action the people do for fun And as way to complete with others. People have enjoyed sports for thousands of years.  Every sport has a set of rules that the players follow themes…

And I like also sport and I do (GYM) sport every day. In some sport one person competes against other individuals .Examples of these sports includes 1 .Boxing 2. Wrestling 3.Gymnastics 4. Diving 5. Horseback 6. Riding and the Afghanistan people like horseback and iam also like this sports. In team sports a group of people plays against anther group or team. A team may have as few as two members or it may have many members a double team in tennis has two players.

Five players make up a basketball team. an ice hockey team has six players . And a baseball team has nine.And football teams eleven players make up or cricket teams also we should do sport every days because when we don’t do sports we should suck  and when we suck we should go to hospital and the Afghanistan hospital is clean and I love sports

 1. Sport is do for fun and competition 2. Each sport has its own rules 3. Football as individual sport                    4. There 11 players in a soccer team. 5. Horseback riding is an easy sports                                           


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