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There is no doubt that outdoor games such as Football,Cricket are very good for the growing boys like me.They provide physical exercise ,so necessary for the health in a interesting form.moreover,by training boys to work together in the game and in a team teach them to coperate with each other and promote what is called as the sportsman spirit.

That is why all developed countries have made games as the essential part of the education at the school level.
The first use of the athletics is that they improve the physical health.They teach us man is good athlete unless he controls his training an athlete is put under a very strick diet and he is not allowed to take drugs and smoke.

Furthur ahtletic games teach boys and men to work together and so encourage coperation and discipline.A football and hocky team has to learn the team work and each player realizes that he must often face himself for the good of his side.It takes some self denial and discipline to pass the ball to another player of the promote sence of fair play amoung the children,obedience to rules,self control for the good of the whole.
In Pakistan and sports are becoming the popular part of the life of the citizens though there are not enough facilities available in our country.General sports include hunting,riding,fishing,running,cycling,skating and rowing.

In our country there are many schools and clubs and societies which hold athletic contests.Moreover we have hocky,tennis,football,cricket and table tennis amoung the organized games in the schools.All such sports and the games certainly benefit mind and body together.They create hapiness and the discipline,physical fitness,and the self confidence

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