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Any kind of physical activity which is done in order to enhance your physical abilities and to provide entertainment to viewers is called sports. Sports have certain rules which are to be followed during playing. There are countless benefits of sports and i am going to tell you some of it so you get from your cozy sofa and start playing some sports.

1- Health

Playing sports have always brought a nice effect on one's health. Those who are athletes or players have better body structure and are healthy as compared to one's who don't play. It benefits your muscles and your bones. If you buy a machine and you don't use it for a long time , it will become rusty and will not work. Same is the case with human body , we have to keep it in work so it can stay healthy and not become rusted.


Sports play a vital role in increasing self confidence. Sports increases your abilities which makes you to believe in more of yourself.If one person plays cricket , While playing against a team he would be confident enough to beat that team in a fair spirit relying on his abilities. This is how sports increases the confidence of a person. Sports makes you believe in yourself. It gives you the strength to think and perform better than your opponent. And with the help of confidence you can achieve success in sports as well as outside sports too.

3- Less Stress

In today's life one has to bear a lot of stress of work, family , money e.t.c. When the stress is getting bigger and bigger inside our head we have to release it with some substitute. The best substitute for releasing stress is playing sports. It makes you feel active with releasing stress from your body. It makes you feel light and great. Your mood becomes better after playing sports. You do your work great and you increase your sleep which also makes you active and healthy.


4-Sportsman Spirit

Playing sports develop a good spirit in you by which you abide by the rules of every game, your leadership qualities increase and you give everyone their chance. It also means to not fight during the game and win or lose obeying the game rules.Sportsman spirit teaches you and makes you experience many things in life. If you are a good sportsman , outside of the playing field , doing your job you will abide by the rules of your jobs and will do it efficiently. It makes you a good decider increasing your deciding capability.

These are the major benefits of playing sports and i hope that people reading this who are just attached to their couches and living a much relaxing life will get up and start playing some sports.



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