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Spring is the first time for living nature. Spring is a season that all the people go to their works. At this season all the palaces be green، and all the trees started their new life. The people at spring like to go to picnic. The weather is in this season be warm. 

This season is be a time for that children to want to start school and be a new year for education all the boys and girls at spring getting ready for their new year. And the people at this weather love to be at same green palaces to be rest and change their bad situation.

All the people love this season because at this season all the things that be necessary for human Allah greet that for the human to use form these things to have a good and a better life. Almighty Allah always love this that the people be rest at their life doesn’t need same things that at their life be sad. Spring is a summer that example of plants the animal started their grow and improve their generation, at the winter that you know the all the plants،animal،trees and etc

. are sleeping and at the spring they get up from their winter sleep and started the New Year. Spring is the birth of new plants and animal that born.

One picnic that always celebrate at Afghanistan is special in Mazershrife be


Gula sorkh picnic that all the people that live in Afghanistan try to go to at this Mazershrife and want to see this picnic and celebrate spring whit their friends and their family and try to forgot their bad day that had at the past. And I think spring is a beautiful season and a new started for all over the world to be rest and happy……..


Spring is the best.




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