Squad Yourself! Have fun with the Suicide Squad Avatar Generator

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Oh my, I just spent an hour or so enjoying this cool Suicide Squad icon creator. Haha~ Who knew it would be so much fun! It's so irresistible, especially to an artist like me. :D There are many options to choose from to customize the look you want. 

You can choose the skull shape, eyes, nose, hair and more. Good thing we can download our creations so we can share 'em with everyone. 

This is the first one I did. 

Isn't it fun? Haha~ It's so cool I wanna do a custom SkinTatz temporary tattoo out of it. I just put the words Rad Artist and it automatically generated an adjective for me. Cool eh?

This is the next one I did. 

FYI, hugot is a Filipino word for when you always make statements about your feels. Haha.

I enjoyed making these so much I just had to make another one. I mean who wouldn't want to do lots of these right? Only issue I had with it is the lack of choices for the female hair. I mean there are more choices for guy hairs than girl hairs. Why oh why? :P

Now do you feel like making your own Suicide Squad icon too? You can also choose several background colors to have that added pizazz!

Anyway the last one I did is this one:

Maldita means like you're being kinda bitchy, meanie or something. The random adjective is generated based on the letter of the first word you put in.

Okay so that's it. I could make some for guys too but maybe I'll do it later. haha~ Wanna try it? You can go to the website: http://squadyourself.suicidesquad.com/

No I am not officially promoting the site though, it's just an enjoyable way to spend your time if you've got nothing better to do.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :D

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