Squadmetrics and All-Physics Formula

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Whatever sport you do, understanding the impact of training on injuries and overall performance is vital if you want to improve your game. Squadmetrics is an online solution that provides you with all the information you need to develop your abilities. Whether you’re an athlete, coach, team manager or physio, it’s an easy way to gather and interpret the data you need to improve sporting performance.

Marco Bagni had a pleasure to work on a quite interesting topic: this formula is a summary of all known theoretical physics condensed into a single equation! Although it doesn't have a concrete everyday use for physical purposes, it contains everything we currently know about nature at the most basic level; it also is a contribution to the most prominent scientists that during this last century made incredible discoveries in the quanutm mechanics field.

 All credit goes to the maker of these two amazing video Marco Bagni. (He is a freelance Motion Designer, mainly focusing on Animated Infographics, Visual Storytelling, UI/UX and Direction).

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