Sri Lanka Cricket Uniform Today!

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Good morning bitLanders! Please welcome, Miss Sri Lanka! 

This was what I had imagined while trying to dress up my avatar. I am really having fun combining the uniforms and the accessories altogether. I was scrolling through my blogs to see if I had already worn Sri Lanka's Cricket Uniform and it looked like I haven't so it is the next uniform to wear then this time.

Now I remember buying a CLK golden bag and it looked pretty good with the Sri Lanka uniform as their prints had the same color as the bag. Then I looked over to my footwear area and found this gorgeous golden shoes too! What a match! I changed the bangle too but necklace stayed the same because the other necklace from the shop was too expensive.

So here's my outfit for today! I wonder if bitLanders has more stuff coming in the shop soon so we can always change costumes! That would be very interesting and fun at the same time!

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