Sri Lanka-UN Investigation Formally Adopted

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UN Human Rights Council has endorsed formal investigation into alleged crimes against humanity/war crimes purportedly committed during the end of the Tamil civil war. The Council now will appoint a Commission of Inquiry similar to methodology for Libya and Syria.


As writing of this article, much remains still ambiguous as the UN Human Rights Council Resolution was adopted only this morning in Geneva by Vote of 24 to 15 with 8 Abstentions. It appears that most of Sri Lanka’s SE Asia neighbors who are on the HR Council voted against. (Some still wanted to give the Sri Lanka Government more time to undertake its own inpartial investigation, but there has been peristent resistence and rejection of need for such probe). More complicating for the UNSG Ban Ki-moon is the persistent speculation regarding one of his newly appointed advisers/staff from Sri Lanka General Shavenda Silva who is apparently implicated in the “grave violations of international humanitarian law” that occurred during the civil war.


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