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After a huge buzz in the filming industry of Bollywood, it is quietly heard in all the forms that the King Khan Had changed the name of his own. The new name of the mighty King would be Charlie. Clearly the indicators have turned towards the look of the new promotions for the upcoming film of Happy New Year. He had recently changed his name to Charlie for the promotional purposes in the blogs of twitter. The levels of the show casted in for the tribute of the film are really very good. The levels of all the hard work induced by the actors are really applaudable. The buzz around for the film is also very much rowing and the King Khan just knows the perfect spice to be added on to it. He decides to change his name for all creating a new buzz. In the film of Happy New Year, the role of Charlie is to be supposing the lead behaving as a con artist spreading all the norms of the crossfire. The attitude carried by the king khan along with the bunch of co stars is also very good in all respects. The buzzes around for the promotions have already been started, and as for Charlie, he is already enjoying the show. The constant updates for the film in the promotional effects of the twitter accounts are really very good in all attributes. The levels of the intensity formed around the word of Charlie are going to be generalized in all aspects. Hearing this effect for the change of the name, sudden attractions are caught for the move. The consequence followed in the change for the name of The CHOTA B is also changed to be newly called as Nandu Bhai. 

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