Stakeminers - Invested BTC Value Change - 06 March 2016

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This week our invested bitcoin value dropped to 120 bitcoin.

A client had originally invested BitBean (BITB) altcoins which at the time of deposit were valued at 4.0 bitcoin. When the final payout was processed last week the value of the BitBean, expressed in bitcoin, was 0.3 bitcoin, a decline of 3.7 bitcoin.

The result, once the account was removed from the system, reduced our invested bitcoin by 3.7 to 120 bitcoin.

Each time a full withdrawal of altcoins is processed and the account is removed from the system, the invested amount will decline by the amount the original altcoin deposits were valued at. is a crypto-currency altcoin Proof of Stake (POS) company with current holdings in 10 altcoins. We provide our clients with a variable rate of return generated from our stake pool earnings. Please see our website