Standing Solo.

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You've reached an age when you want to stand on your  own two feet. cool, right?

But also maybe a bit scary sometimes? The thing to remember is that everyone- from the prime minister to the manager of your company -gets scared sometimes. The thing is, everyone has had to learn how to get on with stuff and not let fear get in their way, and you can learn that ,too.

Leave me Alone.

Part of doing stuff on your own is being confident enough to try in the first place.However, a big step you have to make is being responsible enough to act like an independent person, without adults getting you down by disturbing you.

Gaining Trust.

There's an easy way and a hard way to gain people's trust. The easy way is to show you are mature enough to be trusted and left to get on with it.The hard way is to act like a kid in a teenager's body -Sulking, yelling,crying, or getting angry if you don't get your own way. Take a step back and look at the two approaches. Which would any normal person will choose? Would you trust someone who is making a scene, or would you rather go with the calm, sensible, mature person?

Heart to Heart.

Take the time to sit and talk properly with your parents or guardians. Ask them if they think you are grown up enough to do your own stuff. now.If not, ask them why not, then you can work on improving the points that is holding you back. Find out what they're most scared about for you, so you can put their mind at rest.Be upfront about these things and they shouldn't turn into problems.


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