Star Power Over Story (Whats more important?)

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Star power over Story, what is more important and which will draw the audiences in?


It’s an age-old question, what makes a movie good? Is it the story or the star that brings the picture to life?


Movies and shows now a days are so amazing, Gravity, Frozen, The walking dead they all look so pretty. What makes these pieces of media are looked very highly upon. But why, is it the way they look? Maybe… Is it the story that holds it up among the crowed? Could be…. Or is it the stars that bring the characters to life? Yes… yes it is.  Before you comment down below story is more important then the stars in movies and shows. Your right… if it was 10 years ago.


Let me explain, ‘Frozen’ a classic Disney movie, grossing over 1 billion dollars worldwide. What was the story? It was about how Elsa (the Ice Queen) and her struggle with her powers that she was born with. Then why was she barley in the movie? The Ice Queen hides in her castle that she formed in 2 minutes for half the movie. So frozen doesn’t really have a story, just pretty animation and catchy songs.


‘Gravity’ is a little different story; it has its star power Sandra Bullock and George Clooney good choices, good choices. But the plot must be amazing I mean it won 7 Oscars, right? I mean not dying is a good story… there is so much to do with that. I mean you can… not die and… umm… live so that’s something. Yea, that’s not much of a story.

I am a true fan of story more then anything in movies and TV. The world needs better stories, more stories, in my opinion. Tell me what you think down below, do you think movies need better stories? Star power is more powerful to get audiences in and watching.


By: Josh Presuto

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