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1. Keep it Sweet and Simple

One of the biggest dangers you could ever do to 
yourself is to make running your affiliate marketing 
business more complicated than it really needs to be.

Stick to using just one or two programs and follow the
strategy until your making money online.

2. The Master Plan Is Not Your Worst Enemy

Another part of keeping this business simple is to have a 
solid plan of attack.

All you need is a basic outline on what YOU want to 
accomplish, how much money YOU want to make, and 
how YOU plan on accomplishing it.

You don't need some super game plan on the reasons why
you want to accomplish your goals.

Because we know the reasons why...

And that's to make you money to live your dreams. That's it.

3. The Force Is Already In You

What you need to succeed starts from within.

If YOU can't believe or convince yourself you can succeed,
there's nothing I could possibly do to change your mind.

All it takes is one rude comment from a co-worker, or 
one strike at your ego from a family member to put you
out of business.

It's not the tools, the systems, or even the programs I 
recommend to you that will determine your financial future.

It's you.

And the sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner
you'll start making money like the pros.

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