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We would like to remind you that our company is engaged in plastic waste recycling and we offer you to take part in it as a recycler using revenue share model. It works really easy: you purchase waste and then receive profits.

You can make a deposit via credit cards and Bitcoin as well as wire transfer. After making the deposit, you will be able to choose yourself in what way to make money work for you.

Firstly, you can purchase waste for recycling. Secondly, you can buy regrind material that is produced from plastics and is used for making granules. Thirdly, you can purchase a share in our equipment in order to contribute to the factory’s growth and receive benefits.

Depending on your choice and several factors like cycle duration, volume of recycled material, current climate on the recycling market, and factory growth rate, you will receive a revenue share.

You can vary your earnings by buying more waste and opting for an unfinished or full recycling cycle. Recyclix is responsible for the safety of funds you spend on the raw material as well as for receipt of profits by you in the exact amount specified in your member’s area and purchase of materials recycled by you at any time.

Apart from it, you can earn by attracting new partners for Recyclix up to the 4th level of your referrals and get your profits within 7 days after we receive every deposit made by new participants invited by you. You can find more about it in your member’s area.


The minimum deposit amount is 20 EUR. The maximum one-time deposit via credit cards is capped at 250 EUR, Bitcoins and wire transfer deposits are not limited.

The minimum payout amount is 20 EUR. The maximum payout amount via Paypal is capped at 5,000 EUR, Bitcoins and wire transfer deposits are not limited.

You get 20$ bonus.
Our 20 EUR promotional campaign is about to be over and we hope that you will have enough time to get familiar with how our system works and use this offer.



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