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As my first official blog for FilmAnnex I thought it would only be right to introduce myself formally!

My name is Josh Tilley, a 20 year old South African filmmaker now residing in North Wales.  My obvious love lies in  most tech and cinematography cameras such as the Canon C series, DSLRS, and the RED Epic (Just to mention a few) I do however; enjoy other hobbies such as motorbike touring across the UK, as well as travelling abroad frequently for skiing (namely Austria), and in the free-time that remains I DJ small bars/clubs!

I don't like remaining idle; which is why I'm always looking for work regarding documentary filmmaking, promotional videos, and live-music event filming!  I'm currently also working my way as a freelance cameraman/DOP into the UK festival circuit, and trying to gain exposure through my own unofficial festival films.

I am currently on the verge of beginning my second academic year at Staffordshire university studying Experimental Film Production; to further my knowledge of the current industry and get those creative juices flowing in yet another year of scripting, producing, and directing my own short films.

In retrospect; this marks a very important time in my life, having spent the first year of my film production course finding my feet, making (and crewing) many films, and experimenting on what role suits me best within a film crew environment. 

As shown within my 2012 showreel on my WebTV, It didn't take long within my first year to settle into the role of a 'Director of Photography' within most projects undertaken. Although all roles lend to the overall product; whether it be editing, directing, scriptwriting or sound design. It was in fact Lighting & Camera-work that took my immediate interest at university, and combining the two to produce stunning visuals overall.

Whilst you're here though; please have a look at my films I have posted so far on my WebTV, such as my first showreel with clips of work I have directed and been involved in, as well as my most recent promotional video which I directed and produced for the Ministry of Sound & Back 2 Back events management.

Please don't hesitate to leave any comments or get in touch! and you can be sure more films and blogs will follow!


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Josh is an aspiring Cinematographer, and freelance camera trainee, currently working towards a degree in Advertising & Commercial production at Staffordshire university.

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