State of the Union 2012

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Last night, President Obama spoke at the State of the Union. His closing statement was about the sacrifice and the dedication of the American troops and the necessity to secure them a safe future.

This is exactly the reason why we started a global Veteran initiative as described in this post on our corporate site. Marine Jonathan Weinkiper, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, honored us with his time and words in this meaningful first interview.

We are in the process of scheduling interviews and establishing collaborations with several more veterans. Here are four basic opportunities we provide the Veterans with:

a) A place to talk about their past

b) A place to talk about their future

c) A place to introduce themselves back to the job market

d) A stable, rewarding ,and entrepreneurial source of income through our film production and distribution network.

Film Annex is working with Roya Mahboob in the construction of a reliable and free Internet network in Afghanistan.

This network will secure a free flow of information and arm every Afghan citizen, in particular children, with the proper tool for education, as well as awareness about what the world has to offer. Here's a note about this project.

The same Internet network that has changed the destiny of Egypt and Libya without putting soldiers at risk will change the destiny of Afghanistan and be the best weapon given to the troops.

No Politics, just Internet.

-- Francesco Rulli

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