StelioN's videoclips in 2014 (So far, so good)

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Hey. We are already at the half of the year. I don't know how the remaining half will be, but I know how the year has gone so far. I'm happy for how things are coming out. I'm happy for the songs recorded, shows performed and videos filmed. let's take a look at them!


February 2014

The Jay - Worldwide (ft. StelioN, Kape)

May 2014

Weezsims - Why Me (ft. StelioN, Big Jon, The Jay)

StelioN ft. Klasse 9 - Nimm keine Drogen

June 2014

StelioN - Tantalus

Well, so far so good... But we are working on new songs, new shows, new videos.

Stay tuned!

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